Posted by: Amanda Kern | October 20, 2006

Learn to love typography

Perhaps you’ve been neglecting a love affair with one of the most powerful elements in design: typography. That’s right – it’s time you fell in love with an element of design which will undoubtedly improve your design skills. Learning how to successfully use type doesn’t just miraculously occur as you design. As Kristy noted in her comment in the “10 Tragic Typefaces” article, “too many people new to design and typography think that figuring out how to apply the basics of design and typography is just going to dawn on them one day while they’re clicking and dragging…” Typography is often one of the biggest weaknesses of most students nearing graduation. Understanding elements that make typographic design successful is key to becoming a better designer. New media designer, Cameron Moll notes, “Typeface selection is one of the most transparent ways of detecting good — and bad — design.”

So it’s time you found a place in your heart for typography. Your portfolio will reap the rewards of your new found obsession. Go learn why auto leading is a turn off. Oh, and learning to kern type isn’t something I invented, it’s really the space between a pair of letters. I could go on, but I know you’re dying to learn more about your new found love. So we’ve put together together a few resources to help you learn to love typography.

For a good read (online articles)

Stay in tune with the typography community

For a good read (books)

Enjoy! So go submerge yourself in this stuff – your design skills depend on you mastering typography.

And if you can’t get enough of this stuff there are many more typography resources in my blinklist tagged under typography.

Have another informative typography resource to share?

Note: I take no responsibility for any failed relationships that occur as a consequence of falling in love with typography.


  1. awesome resources I will look at these later !!!

  2. Thanks, Amanda, for all the time you spent putting together all of these resources in the name of great type!

  3. Finding the perfect font for a project is always the most time consuming to me, I obsess over it actually. I am forever downloading new fonts I find online. I think that instinctivly I know that how the font looks is very important, and often times, I feel like I just dont have the type of font I want, and wish I could make it myself. However, I am not that advanced. These resources and information about fonts and such are really helpful. Thanks!!! :)

  4. Pending Kristy’s promise not to filet me, I’d also like to recommend Steven Heller’s “Handwritten”.

  5. Check out this great video of Typography School as they use a letterpress! Typography School

  6. Great resource! I’ve been looking for resources like this. I wish I was given this in my typography class!

  7. TypeBase is also a nice comprehensive portal site for all things typographical.

  8. Oh man! Doyal Young’s Fonts & Logos is such an amazing book. The man is simply a genius. If any of you kids have made it out to the Mac Paper show iN past years, Smart Papers offered a book they commissioned from Doyal called The Art of the Letter. It contained excerpts from Fonts & Logos as well as Doyal’s . One of my best Paper show finds. The book was set beautifully using Renaissance, a Herman Zapf rendition of Palatino.

  9. Sorry- Doyald Young.

  10. We should have this kind of resource frequently! It is very important to update our knowledge specially with books and articles like these.

    Thank you Amanda

  11. Here are a few more book recommendations I just ran across on Roger Johansson’s site, 456 Berea St

  12. Here’s another great typography book resource and web site you all might be interested in checking out: Thinking with Type


    Helvetica is a feature-length independent film about typography, graphic design and global visual culture.

    Wim Crouwel is in a short clip…

  14. The Elements of Typographic Style by Robert Bringhurst is the best in-depth resource outside of class ive found on typography. Its a longer book but I enjoy his philosophical approach because you can tell hes just as passionate about the art as our program’s professors!

  15. OHHHH I’m feeling the love for TYPE :D!!

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