Posted by: Amanda Kern | April 7, 2008

Photoshop World Orlando 2008 wrapup + sketchnotes

Spring break has come and gone – as has Photoshop World Orlando 2008. The conference was quite a memorable experience. The conference had a lot of great highlights to include the entertaining keynote which featured a sneak peak of Adobe CS4 and the Lightroom 2.0 beta. The conference was packed full of classes taught by some of the best Photoshop Guru’s. For those that missed out on the conference you can check out some of the highlights on NAPP’s photoshop world blog.

Photoshop World Sketchnotes
Steve's sketchnotesIf you happened to be at the conference you may have noticed many of us sketching away in our sketchbooks during classes. Several of us had attendees and speakers comment on how we took such great notes during the conference. With inspiration from Mike Rohde’s awesome sketchnotes, I proposed the idea of creating sketchnotes to students who were awarded Photoshop World Scholarships. They’re a great reflection of just how many great things were thrown our way during the conference. I’m quite impressed with how they turned out. Sketchnotes provided a creative way for us to document the experience. Here’s a sneak peak of the sketchnotes. Click on the images below to go directly to the entire set of sketchnotes created by the person or check out the pool of sketchnotes in flickr. More sketchnotes will be added to the pool as students post them.

One page from my sketchnotes (click on the image to see the whole set)
Lightroom & photoshop - connecting the dots

One page from Eddie Misicka’s sketchnotes (click on the image to see the whole set)

One page from Moraima Randazzo’s sketchnotes (click on the image to see the whole set)
Moraima's Sketch Notes

One page from Steve Steger’s sketchnotes (click on the image to see the whole set)

steve's sketchnotes

One page from Jason Cantell’s sketchnotes (click on the image to see the whole set)
How To Flash For Fun

We’ve also started a group in flickr to share our photos from the conference.

A BIG thanks again to Scott Kelby and the team at NAPP for awarding our students scholarships again this year. Kudos on an AWESOME event!


  1. Sweet Moleskines!
    I’m happy you all got the best of this experience.
    CS4 we’ll be waiting :)

  2. [...] Community College did a very clever and unique version of their wrap up (using sketches) right here (worth checking [...]

  3. As a fellow Photoshop World attendee let me say that I am very impressed. It is great reading the notes from classes that I was in and remembering things I’d already forgotten. It is also nice to read the notes from classes I was not in but wanted to attend. This is a valuable resource that you should consider compiling into a e-book.

    Thanks for sharing.

  4. Fantastic work! You captured unique snapshots of the PSW experience. Kudos to the professor and students alike. You make me proud of my alma mater guys…keep it up! (:

  5. Great Idea! I am very impressed with all of your creativity. I think I am going to print some of these and keep them in my workbook. Thanks!

    Amanda – I really liked the way you laid your pages out using different shapes/angels and curvy lines. Great Job!

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  7. This is amazing. The way of making notes seems awesome and showing dedication.

  8. [...] and my students will be doing sketchnotes again. Some of you may recall that a handful of us did sketchnotes at the last photoshop world in Orlando. I imagine it’ll be another fun experience doodling away at a conference. I’m sure [...]

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