Posted by: kristy pennino | January 26, 2012

Awesome New Graphics Courses!

Valencia will be offering 3 different “Selected Topics in Graphics” courses this Summer 2012 that we just KNOW you will want to take as your Graphics Elective!: 


  1. omg can we take these if we’ve graduated?

  2. will these classes be available during the normal school year?

    I would LOVE to take these courses during the fall or spring semester

  3. yes, lily! :-)

    yes, rick. this summer they are being introduced as “selected topics” courses. come this fall semester they will be new courses added to our graphics elective list, included in the catalog and will have their own course numbers. there is also a course not being offered as “selected topics” this summer that will be added as a new graphics course called “web development for designers” (providing a deeper look at back-end web development for front-end designers).

  4. Advanced typography with Jason Ellison?! It may be a little intimidating but I say, challenge accepted.

  5. I might take the advanced typo…

  6. Wish they had those when I was there.

  7. betweenpaulandgeorgepar, if youre still in the area, why not go back and take a class?
    getting your learn on never hurt anyone ;) :D

    that web development for designers class is something i am extremely interested in as well

    i love that these classes are being offered
    are there any new web classes that are being offered?
    anything to do with setting up a database and installing web applications such as word press or joomla (<— i like that one more)

    it seems to be crucial/ essential for web designers that go in and eventually have to become developers

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